Bobby and Karissa Chastain
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Go to the Music Page!!! I'm putting up small samples of all of the music now!


Of course, if you would like to contact us directly, here's our email addresses:

Bobby Chastain -

Karissa Rosenlund -

However, please use this form to RSVP


This address is our official RSVP address:

Please include your name and number of guests in the subject line. Of course you can leave any other message if you want to!

Gift Registry, woo hoo!!

So we decided to do our gift registry primarily with Target and a little with Pier One. Hopefully there's enough to choose from! We felt kind of weird putting up the expensive stuff with so many of our college friends up there that already have big financial contributions with low income support. Yup, been there too! I think it would be feasable to go in together to help buy gifts. I don't exactly have a lot of experience with this and won't ever do it again either. Soooo.... alright then, here ya go:

Target gift registry

Pier One gift registry

*These links should take you right to our actual registries.