Bobby and Karissa Chastain
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Saturday, November 5, 2005
Well this concludes the worst week of the semester. Karissa and I both are under a lot of stress right now which bites. We've been snapping at eachother for what we later see as really stupid. It would be better if we didn't have so much class stuff to deal with. Of course, I did score a 104 on my arranging test, but I only got an 85 on my paleantology exam. Karissa is of course doing wonderfully in class. She'll make a wonderful nurse. By the way, please pray for Karissa. We're hoping she'll get into UFs nursing program which means she'll be able to get a bachlors in nursing instead of an associates. It will be nice going to the same school too. As for me, pray for me that I win this composition competition. It will mean a jump start on my career and money to pay for the wedding! Anyways, I'll talk to you all soon!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005
Indeed, it would appear as though I never add to the news page. That is because this assumption is correct. However, here I am to add news about Karissa and I's lives. Apparently our invitation people printed the wrong web address on our invitations. Let me tell you how much trouble one letter can cause! Now we're buying stickers with the correct web address printed on them and inserting them into the invitations. I just finished the Alleluia for the gospel acclamation at the ceremony. I'd say it's pretty good. There is a strong celebratory feel, I hope our guests find it inspiring. We've got so much planning done, yet I feel like there is still so much to do! Anyways, I must study now for my age of dinosaurs exam. When you're taking 22 credits the work never stops. Ok, see you all soon!

Thursday, August 11, 2005
Well, tomorrow I will move into what will on December 17th be Karissa and I's new apartment. Karissa will be moving most of her stuff into the apartment tomorrow, but she will be living at her grandmother's house for the fall semester. Unfortunately this puts her very far since her grandmother lives in Newberry instead of Gainesville. Last year we lived across the courtyard from eachother in Stoneridge Apartments.
School is starting soon, I can't say I'm totally excited, but that means Karissa and I will be closer (Brandon and Gainesville is a far distance for an engaged couple). Karissa and I have pathetically missed eachother. As for me, I've made consideralbe contributions to my portfolio for the fall, and Karissa, being the responsible one, has worked quite a bit managing at Wet Seal.